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This is a quick little placeholder post for the intro to my art blog- sketches, posters, ceramics and more.

A little about me: I'm a museum educator who also happens to be a formally trained illustrator and ceramicist. Generally as silly as a fruitcake (possibly due to all the fumes over the years) I am an utter dork, and most of what you'll find here are cartoons and ideas playing the humor of various fandoms.

Due to demand, I will begin to offer ceramics (like the ricebowls) and jewelry in an Esty shop within the next week or so. Pottery availability depends on the firing schedule of my studio, so expect to have them come out in batches.

If you're looking for my non-original fiction, you can find it on my AO3 account.
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If you're visiting here after visiting us at Anime Boston, welcome!

At the moment, I've not got a lot up, due to the comvention schedule, but will have listings available shortly at my etsy shop, <">Rising Sign

In the mean time, check out my tumblr, Silly Black Lines. If you have any questions, you can comment here or on my tumblr!

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I want to thank everyone I got to meet at Anime Boston this past weekend. I'm still in the midst of getting stuff all set to post new listings and things, so check back shortly.

In the mean time, check out mah tumblr for some brain farts I stupidly decide to scan:

There are also some more pottery examples at dA:
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As some of you know, I help [personal profile] snapesgirl34 run Button Me Up!, a button making company that sells a variety of buttons at various conventions along the North East.

Well, we're putting that work to good use.

Helping Japan: Three Charity Buttons to help the people effected by the Tsunami

Each button was designed by a member of the Button Me Up! crew, and all proceeds go to Shelterbox, an awesome relief organization that gives shelter and the basic supplies to help them begin to rebuild.

You can donate in name of others, and we will also be having random giveaways to any who wish to participate.

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Holiday Card Post!

Every year, I draw my own Holiday Cards, and send them out to anybody who asks for one. You are welcome to send a card back, but I do not demand one.

This year, there will be three cards designs:

1) MSNBC (like the one above)

2) Doctor Who

3) An original design featuring the Barverse characters

To receive a card, comment on this post with your address and which card design you'd prefer (if you want more than one, mention it and I'll try and include it for you). Comments will be screened, so I'll be the only one to see it. If you're from twitter, include your twitter handle so I know who you are. :)
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I will be part of the Harvard Ceramics Studio Winter Show and Sale, December 8th-12th, in Boston. I will be selling pieces like the one above, along with my bowls and some new platter pieces.

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So I've been a bit busy lately preparing for preparing work for my booth at Anime Boston this year, where I'll be selling steampunk jewelry, buttons of the Doctor Who variety (and some political silliness as well), but more importantly, my pottery:

The ricebowls are going to range from $15-$25 dollars, probably, and half have built in chopstick rests (chopsticks included). All are high-fire stoneware, and the blue is a discontinued blue from my studio- it won't be available after this year. I have only a about 12-15 available this year, but we'll see how it goes.

Some more shots of the bowls. )
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