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Oct. 17th, 2017 01:37 am
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As a result of this spoiler-y interview with James Duff, Major Crimes fandom is a little bit losing its shit about Sharon's storyline this season. And I get that. I lost my shit, too!

But. (Spoilers, particularly after the first three paragraphs.) )
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Major Crimes series finale spoiler, kinda. )

And then I will cry exactly the same way I cry every time I watch Third Watch's finale and it ends with Bosco still doing his thing. Every time.

(Apparently I cry thinking about that, too. Wow. Misty eyes over here, hello.)

In fact, I reject any other ending to this series.

ETA: No, wait, I know what it'll be: Read more... )

Dead Man's Help Wanted

Oct. 15th, 2017 07:00 am
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I watched Help Wanted the other day, which is not at all an infrequent occurrence, and I still believe that if I could only watch one episode of television for the rest of my life, it would be that.

I'll never not fixate on the moment during the raid where Brenda's trying desperately to figure out where the suspect went and Sharon is the one who asks the questions that focus Brenda. First of all, I find it interesting that the men who work with Brenda every day can't or don't do this, but the woman who is an outsider steps in. Second, I love it because it's who the characters are: Brenda is disorder and Sharon is order. But this time, there was a new thing I noticed -- the drastic shift from the last episode they shared, Dead Man's Hand. That episode shows us what it looks like when Brenda's thinking gets muddied by her feelings toward Sharon. It straight up tells us, multiple times, that a guy dies because Brenda lets her judgement get so clouded by her dislike of Sharon. And we go from that to Brenda saving multiple young women because Sharon gives her clarity. So I'm just a little 😍 over here.


Oct. 8th, 2017 02:40 pm
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Dear Yuletide Author!
Hi! I'm excited, are you excited?

I like to think of myself as a super chill recipient, but then, I'm sure everyone likes to think of themselves like that. I can promise you that I have equal affection for all these fandoms, none of them are secretly lurking as the One Single Thing I desperately want to receive. Whichever fandom you choose to write, I will not be disappointed. (Similarly, none of these fandoms have a single story that I desperately want. I'm going to include rough prompts because I know some writers prefer a little something to work off, so they're there as a suggestion if you want one)

Okay, some general points. The main hard and fast one is that I basically only read happy endings. Doesn't mean there can't be angst and whatever along the way, but when the curtain falls at the end of the night, everyone should have a smile on their face, in a manner of speaking.

I'm not really one for power differentials. I'm okay with some small ones, but nothing major. (Like, TA/Student: okay, Professor/Student: not okay) I'm also not a huge fan of age difference of more then a few years, or where one of the pairing is underage. I don't read a huge amount of kink fic outside of pretty specific contexts, but I'm fine with a little bit? (ie. fic where there's some bondage or spanking or whatever is grand, fic where there's a lot of in-depth BDSM isn't really for me.) I don't read poly or ot3 fic outside of a truely tiny amount of fandoms, none of which I've requested, so also best avoided. No incest (including raised as siblings but not blood related) or deathfic. If possible, no alcoholic parents or deep feelings of self-loathing from POV characters.

I'm good with canon fic or AUs, heavily plot driven fic, reflective character-driven fic. I love big ensembles and friendships, and I'm a particular sucker for a rag-tag bunch slowly growing to trust each other and other/similar found family goodness. I love tropey fic, particularly accidental dating, fake dating, and secret relationships, and pining, so much pining. Any rating from G to NC-17 is fine too! I like crossovers, though they can be a little hit and miss for me, depending on the context. (I tend to prefer ones crossing over characters/fandoms with at least a little canonical similarity in terms of setting/era, rather then say, historical fantasy fandom/future sci-fi fandom, if that makes sense?)


Girls Trip
Ryan Pierce, Sasha Franklin

If you also ship Ryan/Sasha I would love fic with them either pre or post movie. If you don't ship it, I friendship fic exploring them all re-bonding after the film ends (and Sasha and Ryan working together on the new show!) Or fun college shenanigans when they were all younger.
I love found family feels!! And these women are great for that, how they're all quite different but also love and understand each other. A friend and I both observed that the breakdown in Ryan and Sasha's relationship makes so much sense if you imagine that they used to date, which would be really cool, but if you don't ship it then a platonic exploration of that relationship breakdown would also be great. (I also love Lisa and Dina, I just didn't have any specific prompts for them so left it open for easier matching. But fic involving the whole group would be super welcome!)

Wet Hot American Summer
Any Character
I would love fic that covers basically any of McKinley and Ben's long relationship, or fic about Drew and Kevin a few summers later, becoming friends (or ~maybe more~)

McKinley and Ben too good for this world, too pure. Any part of their relationship would be great! With Drew and Kevin, I'd love some classic camp enemies/rivals to lovers stuff over the course of various summers at Firewood, but them just joining together for platonic camp shenanigans would also be great!

The Thick of It
Malcom Tucker

BREXIT. Or if that's Too Soon Malcolm's initial rise to his position before the show or his return afterwards
Malcolm is very much a fully formed character who doesn't really change very much across the whole series, so I'd love to see young Malcolm or post-series Malcolm working his way back. And seriously, how would he react to the whole Brexit situation?? It would be magic.

Practical Magic (1998)
Sally Owens, Gillian Owens

I would love something about them growing into their identity as witches post film.
They've both struggled with their connection to being witches/their community for big chunks of their life, and the end scene gives a good indication that they've grown to welcome those identities, so I'd love to see something exploring that and how they get from the events of the film to that scene, and beyond. Also something that explores the rest of the town moving from hostility to welcoming them would also be great (all those PTA moms who joined the impromtu coven!), as well as Sally's daughters experience with discovering their own magical ability would be welcome.

Buzzfeed: The Try Guys
Eugene Lee Yang (Try Guys) Keith Habersberger (Try Guys) Ned Fulmer (Try Guys) Zach Kornfeld (Try Guys)

I do ship Eugene/Zach (even Eugene ships them a little, as we learned from the lie detector) but if you don't, that is totally cool! I also love the whole gang's friendship.
I just love how much fun they're having?? If you want to go totally light-hearted and based on one of their sillier videos that be cool, but if you wanted to include elements from their more personal videos (likw the Dad series) (or Eugene's email newsletter) that would also be awesome! I'd love to read a story about how they went from being "guys try X" to being "The Try Guys Do X" because they mentioned in their anniversary video it was a little accidental that would be cool, as would basing anything around a real or imagined Try video.

Pod Save America (RPF)
Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor, Jon Favreau

I'd love tropey romantic Tommy/Lovett (pining! Awk hook ups! I thought he was straight but we're banging! Etc) but if that's not your ship I am totally here for found family we built a media soon to be empire from our kitchen feelings.
Like I said, I love romance tropes for Tommy/Jon L, particularly in LA era where you have all the great conflicting emotions of but he's not just my friend he's my business partner! I am also all about 'we slept together once and it's totally not awkward but actually it is in fact getting more awkward'. Outside of that ship, I love their whole living in each other's pockets dynamic and all the banter. (Just of note, I've noticed a tendency in T/JL fic to have Ronan as the Evil Ex, which I would like to avoid, both because I don't like that trope and it doesn't seem accurate as the other guys all seem positive when he's mentioned. (Obviously the same for Tommy's fiancee, I've just never seen it with her) I'd really much rather canon love interests are ignored then vilified)

Lastly! I do not know where I will be in December, so I may not be able to read/comment immediatly, but I will do so as soon as I can!

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